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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


So, we’ve reached the ripe old age of 1! Strictly speaking we are actually 3.5 but we don’t wish to split hairs about this and we’ll always think of our opening on Burton Road on Oct 15th 2010 as our ‘real’ birthday so what better excuse for a partaay.

What’s in store you may well ask. Well, no decent party is complete without cake so we’re off to a head start straight away. We’ve got an awful lot up our sleeves for October 15th, basically 1 is the magic number for the day’ll get the jist as we go along:

- First 10 people through the door on October 15th will receive 1 slice ofcake/cupcake of their choice for 1 penny .. yep that’s right folks, 1 English penny (max 1 per person)

- All cupcakes purchased before 1pm are only £1 (max 2 cakes per person)

- We’ll be serving up butterfly cakes all day (like you had at birthday parties back in the day)

- Super yummy cake menu served all day

- Every cake purchased and eaten on the premises comes with free complimentary candle (we can’t light them I’m afraid due to those pesky Health & Safety people- dam them!)

- Every person who sits in and enjoys cake in our tea-room that day receives a retro party bag containing goodies and cakey-related offers

- Competitions running all week (which is incidentally National Cake Week – anyone would think we’d planned it!) via our facebook page

- Balloons and lots of em’ – it’s has to be done!

So, your invitation will be in the post soon and we’ll hopefully see you there!

Team Dish & Spoon

P.S. Any presents would be gratefully received ;)

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